Management Consulting

As the entrepreneurship grows from an idea to a full fledged business, it faces the challenges of the ever changing business environment on a periodical basis. The entrepreneur usually scans the environment for any threat or opportunity to protect or expand his business. His success is based on the fact he has got a great idea at the right time and place and good support from his family, business partners, investors and financial institutions and he was in he right market at the right scale and price.

There comes a time when he has to sit and ponder as he is the man with the original idea:

I took a great risk but have I created the right processes over time which are stable and take my business to the next level?
Why are my sales dipping or reaching a plateau?
Which ERP should I put up and why?
Is my CRM giving me the right dependable and timely solutions?
Why am I facing so much attrition?
Why am I always short of people?
Why is my business always in a fire fighting mode?
Are all solutions “quick-fix”?
Do I really need to hire so many people in so many verticals in my setup?
Is this the right time to setup more branches?
Do I have the team to go National or international?
How can I have more time in my hands?
What should I delegate and how?

Process based interventions

Influenz Training Systems offers Organisational Development & Management Interventions to setup:

  1. Enduring processes for Sales, Marketing and HR
  2. Stabilisation and tweak of current processes
  3. Incentivization system at all levels
  4. Goal post based targets and techniques for achieving SMART goals
  5. Employee motivation programs
  6. “Next-Level” of planning
  7. Attention to detail

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