Training Interventions

We design and implement Corporate Training interventions for Sales and other Corporate processes through training systems focused on the Softskill, Attitudinal, Behavourial and Upskilling needs of Individuals, Employees of all vintages, Upcoming professionals and Students.

All Corporate trainings are done in house either at the premises of the corporate or in a neutral location. The process of designing and implementing is consultative and inclusive in nature.

Need for Skill based interventions

With the changing times, the face of the corporate world is also changing, wherein the need-of-the-hour is to have state-of-the-art professionals who are agile enough to meet the growing demands of the industry. These professionals, if trained properly, can gain amazing dexterity in dealing with various on- the-job situations. Each individual carries within himself/herself a mine of potentials, which if tapped properly can create astonishing results. A trained personnel is better equipped than an untrained one as s/he is professionally trained to handle pressures, whereas an untrained individual valiantly learns by trial and error.

Influenz Training Systems offers, but is not limited to, the following skill based intervention. The structure is modular in nature and can encompass more than one element. This would depend on the need analysis and need of the hour and delivered  by our expert corporate trainers. The curriculum can be modified and enhanced post active discussions.

Assertiveness Module
Business etiquettes
Business writing
Body language
Change management
Communication skills
Conflict management
Creative thinking
Corporate grooming
Email etiquette
Facilitation skills
Group discussions
Hiring and recruitment
Interpersonal skills
Interview skills
Leadership skills
Managerial skills
Meeting management
Office etiquettes
Presentation skills
Problem solving skills
Sales training
Stress management
Working smart
Team building
Team work
Time Management
Writing skills

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